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The artistic interpretation depends on the observer

Mendi David

In general, I don't plan the works; they come up, at the beginning, in a spontaneous way. Only after placing the materials on the canvas, I feel the environment created by the materials themselves and imagine what can be done with what already exists. What was done in an intuitive way, feeds the imagination and begins to rationalize the work. I don't stick to any style, and that, makes you have surprises during the process of each work.



environmental crises

Capturing the Effects of Environmental Crisis, is an exhibition that invites you to witness the unpredictable and haunting impacts of the environmental crisis on nature. Through my artistic process of painting without knowing the final result, each stroke of paint reveals the raw consequences of our actions. From relentless floods and fury of storms to the mournful cry of thawing ice and the suffocating pollution in our seas, these artworks depict the profound struggle and resilience of nature. Join me in this visual journey that uncovers the hidden truths of our planet's distress, urging us to reflect on the urgent need for change

A Beaten doll.jpg

human feelings

In this artistic collection, the works presented embody the unpredictable nature of my creative journey. Each painting delves into the depths of human emotions, offering poignant insights into pressing social issues. From shedding light on the haunting reality of violence against women to capturing the complexities of old age, portraying the visceral pain of a wounded soul, exploring the all-consuming nature of obsession, shedding light on the arduous struggles faced by social workers, exposing the suffocating effects of societal constraints and evoking the profound sense of being lost in society. Through these diverse and thought-provoking pieces, I invite viewers to engage with and reflect upon the myriad of human experiences. 

The gossip.jpg

social situations

The artworks showcased here embody my artistic journey, where the creative process unfolds with an element of unpredictability. Each painting captures various social scenarios, ranging from the intricacies of gossip to heartfelt memorials for dear friends, the critical reflection on the societal norms surrounding birth, the complexities of immigration, or the emotions surrounding parent visits during boarding school experiences. These pieces serve as my personal interpretation of human behavior, encompassing a wide spectrum of individual, interpersonal, and collective dynamics within diverse socio-cultural and socio-economic contexts. 

Oui madam NR.JPG

socioeconomic status

Introducing my thought-provoking collection of paintings, I invite you to explore the intricate dynamics of socioeconomic statuses. Through my art, I aim to present a vivid portrayal of the gap that exists in society. One of the focal points of this collection is the depiction of black mothers and white mothers, symbolizing the stark contrast and inequality prevalent in our world. Additionally, I use flags as a powerful representation of the disparities between rich and poor families, highlighting the unequal distribution of resources and opportunities. Another theme I explore is the dichotomy between the privileged madam and the marginalized maide, shedding light on the social roles and hierarchies that exist within our society. Furthermore, I emphasize the importance of jewels and the consuming culture of high society, reminiscent of the opulent world portrayed. Through my art, I aim to ignite conversations and raise awareness about these pressing issues, urging viewers to reflect on the implications and inspire a collective effort towards a more equitable future.

mendei david_iron gate_50cmX70cm_mixed media on cardboard.jpg

structures and stories

In my series of paintings titled "structures and stories: exploring the soul of objects", I aim to capture the essence and hidden narratives within ordinary objects. Through vibrant brushstrokes and intricate details, I transform objects such as stadiums, walls of love, old pipe systems, and iron gates into captivating visual narratives. This collection celebrates the beauty found in the everyday, inviting viewers to perceive these objects in a new light and uncover the underlying connections that exist between seemingly unrelated elements. "Structures and Stories" offers a thought-provoking perspective on the significance of objects that often go unnoticed.



Introducing a captivating collection of paintings that delve into the profound moments in the lives of individuals, each artwork captures the raw and evocative emotions that define these experiences. In the painting of the boxer, we witness the intensity and weariness that lingers after a grueling fight, as the sweat drips down their brow and their body carries the weight of the battle. The embrace of a nurse is portrayed with tenderness and warmth, symbolizing the solace and comfort they provide to those in need, their arms serving as a refuge in times of vulnerability and pain. The depiction of a Bedouin girl reveals the hardships and resilience of a life lived in harsh conditions, as her gaze reflects a mixture of strength, determination, and a longing for a better tomorrow. Lastly, the obsession of a lady for cats is brought to life, capturing the intensity of her affection and devotion, as she surrounds herself with feline companions who bring her solace and companionship. Through these moments frozen in time, the artist invites viewers to connect with the universal emotions and experiences that shape the human condition, encouraging empathy, understanding, and a deeper appreciation for the diverse range of lives lived around us.

The bag.JPG


I am seeking to exhibit a collection of paintings that confront the issue of human abuse of natural resources, particularly animals. Through my artwork, I aim to explore the complex relationship between humans and animals, shedding light on the theme of exploitation. Both paintings, titled "the food" and "they are taking my milk", portrays the struggle for milk as a resource between human babies and animal infants, emphasizing the shared need for nourishment and the complex dynamics between humans and animals. In "fried egg factory" and "fishing factory", I critique the overuse of resources, using imagery to highlight the negative consequences of human activities on nature. Additionally, the painting "the bag" expresses my concern about the use of animal organs in the fashion industry, raising awareness about ethical implications. With a focus on color, composition, and symbolism, my artistic approach engages viewers on an emotional and intellectual level. I believe that exhibiting this collection in a museum setting would provide a platform for thought-provoking discussions and inspire viewers to reflect on their own relationship with nature.

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